Thierry Perrin, Naturopath in Dieppe

Let food be thy medicine

Naturopath, Graduate from Cenatho School, Certified by La Fena Association, Member of OMNES Organisation, Specialized in Micronutrition

What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a health coach,
someone who will take care of your body and soul, who will hold you by the hand towards a better vitality,
the perfect help if you want to stay fit especially through natural means.

A holistic approach

A holistic approach

During private consultations, seminars or workshops, a Naturopath will inform and try to correct the harmful habits which in the long run could endanger you. A Naturopath is here to decipher silent symptoms, to get to the core of the problem, like a Sherlock Holmes of Health, looking for the cause of the cause of the cause.

A Naturopath considers a human being as a whole by taking in consideration their physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual or even environmental dimensions.

A Naturopath knows there’s no healthy diet or body hygiene if it’s not in line with nature. To respect the world and the laws of nature means to respect oneself.

But above all, a Naturopath is here to empower so you become aware of the role you play in your health and well-being. This is achieved with the full commitment and cooperation of both you and the Naturopath. No dietary supplements, nor aggressive recommendations, nor drastic diets will ever replace your own real motivation for a change. This is the vision in which the Naturopath works and advises.

A benevolent therapist

A benevolent therapist

When you suffer from functional or chronic disorders, the Naturopath will make sure that inflammation doesn’t settle to deteriorate your situation.

Sometimes the Naturopath needs to listen carefully, humbly, with care, and kind-heartedness to perceive small sounds which signal a hidden, persistent inflammation.

The relation is never unilateral, it’s an exchange, two paths that cross and take each other to the highest level possible, a bond between two souls.


Believing in vitalism

When sickness is diagnosed, the Naturopath will accompany you to mobilize all your possible strengths.

The Naturopath deeply believes in the resources of the body and soul and in an Energy which each of us possesses, a vital force that allows us to heal. Difficult to define, this Energy is referred to by some as Prana or Chi – Life, in short.

It’s not the Naturopath who heals, but life itself that does.

Integrative medecine

Integrative medicine

The Naturopath works hand in hand with specialists so as to never harm you. They help you deal with your treatment and strengthen your natural defenses, your well-being and your quality of life.

A Naturopath never conducts a diagnosis, or does any surgery or invasive exams. A Naturopath respects the work of allopathic physicians and never hesitates to call them when they feel there’s an emergency or has reached their limits.

A Naturopath is bound by medical secrecy like every doctor who took the oath.

"Quoting Hippocrates"

First do not Harm The Healing Power of Nature Remove the Cause Purify the Body Naturopathy Teaches
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Why / how / when to see a Naturopath?

Do you think these statements could apply to you?

Perdre du poids
I’d like to lose weight in a permanent way
Prendre du poids
I’m not able to gain weight
I wish I could quit smoking
Stress is driving me insane
Before an exam, I get unnerved and forget everything
I’m following a very particular diet
I get sick with every change of season, I have allergies all the time
My sleep is not the best at the moment
I’d love to grow old and stay in good health
I think I need some vitamins and minerals
My bowel movements aren’t that regular
My joints hurt more and more
It’s a particular time in my life (puberty, menopause, pregnancy, sickness), and I would like to be accompanied
I’d love to eat well but food is so expensive
I suffer from headaches, high blood pressure, heart condition, thyroid issue…
I feel down, tired, on the edge of burning out, I'm afraid I'm depressed

If you feel concerned by any of these sentences,
there's a high chance you could greatly benefit from a consultation with a Naturopath...

About my training

I graduated at Cenatho School in Paris, after a 4 year program, under the supervision of Daniel Kieffer.
I do believe this school is amongst the best ones in France !
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What happens during a consultation with a Naturopath?


Profile study : the anamnesis

The first encounter is very important. It is usually done face to face (even though some therapists propose skype meetings) and usually lasts 1 hour and a half, two hours. The Naturopath studies their client very carefully, through iris observations, Chinese pulses, and thanks to a long series of questions that will cover all the systems of the client : the anamnesis.


The Vital Hygiene Program (VHP)

At the end of the interview, the Naturopath has a clearer view of the energy, the vitality, the overload and deficiencies of their client and is able to then personalize their recommendations for optimum support.

Based on their observations, the Naturopath will write out a program for the client, le Programme d’Hygiène Vital (PHV).

Follow up consultations are usually shorter (one hour at most) and can easily be done via phone or videoconferencing.

The general misconception many people have of Naturopaths, unfortunately reduce them to only recommending herbs (herbal tea, essential oils) or natural pills (super food or dietary supplement)

Truth be told, a Naturopath’s first (and main) recommendations rely on long term adjustments on vital hygiene, diet, advice regarding stress management, and introducing physical activity in daily life. A Naturopath not only makes use of hydrology, but also plants, techniques in energy, reflex and breathing, as much as massages to put in place their strategy of revitalization, detoxification or stabilization…


Rates and consultation with a Naturopath

I consult in a cabinet that is located at 2 rue du Château d'Eau in Dieppe and the first consultation with me costs 70 euros, 60 euros for the follow-up. It’s usually not reimbursed by Social Security but some private health insurance will cover the cost – ask your insurer.

But under no circumstances do my consultations replace a medical visit with a doctor.



About Micronutrition, I usually rely on the blood and urinary analysis proposed by the Belgium laboratory LIMPS (but not only) to come as close as possible to the finest adjustment and correct potential vitamin or mineral deficiencies, reinforce the cells abilities to produce energy, resist insulin, support the liver in its cleansing role, help the intestinal microbiota, optimize the nutrients assimilation and ensure a good absorption of fatty acids. While micronutrition takes longer, it's more subtle, and like a good naturopathic follow up, enables me to adapt with precision the program to the specific and unique needs of my clients.


Do you have a question ?

Don't hesitate... Let's meet and make the magic happen !
Take an appointment : 06 52 24 95 59

Thierry Perrin

Naturopath - Micronutrition

• Graduate from The Collège Européen de Naturopathie Traditionnelle Holistique©, CENATHO SCHOOL, Daniel Kieffer

• Certified by La Fédération Française des Ecoles de Naturopathie, La FENA

• Member of l’Organisation de la Médecine Naturelle et de l’Education Sanitaire, OMNES (lire la charte éthique)

• Specialized in Micronutrition with Vincent Castronovo
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Thierry Perrin Naturopathe

First an English Teacher, then a self-trained Web Designer, in France and abroad, I’ve always been interested in alternative medicine, firmly believing in the benefits of a good diet. I have therefore developed over the years a lifestyle one could almost call flawless… sort of :)

When almost by accident, I discovered Holistic Naturopathy, something immediately rang a bell and seemed to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. A door was opened that would bring coherence into my life, galvanise my deepest aspirations and fit perfectly with my philosophy : I could make the world a more beautiful place… especially if it would be a healthier one.


Cabinet Dieppois de Thierry Perrin Naturopathe

I consult in my office everyday (Monday-Friday) from 9am until 6pm

Adresse 2 rue du Château d'eau - 76200 Dieppe
Telephone+33 06 52 24 95 59
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